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March 2018


Sunglasses, Accessories

Sunglasses are not just for the summer, anymore. They’ve become a year-round fashion must! These days, the bigger, the better! So ladies, go big! And when you think you’ve gone too big, go even bigger, and you’re sure to find a winning look for you!

Purse have become passĂ©. It’s all about bags! And like the sunglasses, the bigger, the better! If you can’t put everything but the kitchen sink in what’s draped over your shoulder, honey, you’re doing it all wrong! I have two words for you: ho-bo. Imagine that you’re the homeless lady carrying all of her earthly possessions around, and the only place there is to put it is in your bag…and you’re right on target!

Accessorize to glamorize, ladies! This is where your personal style will be very important. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, (and for the very daring nose rings) have dressed girls up from infancy. For some of you ladies, a simple pair of dangly earrings and one necklace dresses you up to the nines. And then for others, several twenty-inch necklaces (coupled with a choker) has you looking and feeling like you’re on the Red Carpet. The most important thing is to know what works for you and to work it!

With shoes, this will vary from person-to person. But remember, comfort is key. Some feel like six-inch stilettos are comfy beach walkers. So do what makes you feel sexy. If sneakers do it for you, then just do it! Just make sure that they are an expression of who you are, and you can’t lose!

Remember, I told you none of these would cost you a fortune, and I am a woman of my word. You can find any of these items for less than twenty dollars at a merchant near you! They’re sold in stores you probably already frequent.

The idea is to make these items speak to those who pass you as you go through your day. Make them wonder if they’ve stepped into an area of Los Angeles where the stars play. If fierceness is what you’re after, these few components will help put you on the path of the wild side. So, get out there and dress up from your head down to your toes!